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HITS, Inc., is a successful law enforcement training company responsible for the development and implementation of specific law enforcement training courses. We offer several unique courses that are centered around criminal patrol and drug interdiction . HITS is a company devoted to the furtherance and success of the criminal/drug interdiction concept through professional education of law enforcement officers that are wishing to, or are currently working in the field.

HITS is comprised of dedicated, professional, and successful interdiction officers who have extensive practical experience in the field of criminal interdiction. Our instructors are actual uniformed officers that continue to work in the field of highway criminal interdiction on a daily basis. Our instructors continue to provide highway criminal/drug interdiction training and related topics to thousands of law enforcement officers throughout the United States. Our instructors combined have conducted countless successful criminal/drug interdiction stops that have resulted in the detection and arrests of capital murderers, robbers, car thieves, wanted persons, prison escapees, illegal alien smugglers as well as seizures totaling more than 50,000 lbs of illegal drugs and more than $32,000,000.00 in cash plus several million dollars worth of vehicles and property.

HITS, Inc., currently provides the following professional training courses to law enforcement:

Street Cops

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1The criminal is always evolving, so should police training. This course is for officers who are serious about dealing with street crime issues within their community. The course is for those seeking modern policing strategies and investigative techniques as well as out-of-the-box thinking and problem solving.

Advanced Roadside Interview Techniques for Patrol Officers

2This course is specifically formulated for the uniformed patrol officer. The goal of the course is for officers to conduct roadside interviews with traffic violators by effectively communicating with those persons throughout a traffic stop and to be able to detect deception and/or indication of concealed criminal activity if present.

Advanced Vehicle Contraband Concealment

3The course is packed with awesome actual video of seizures along with excellent supporting media. This is absolutely the best hidden compartment course available anywhere!

Criminal Patrol / Drug Interdiction


4The objective of this course is to educate law enforcement officers in proper techniques and procedures to successfully and lawfully conduct criminal/drug interdiction patrol stops. This class is not based on theory or old school techniques; it is based upon current successful operations.